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Sole or Joint

SOLE DIVORCE is usually considered when one of the two spouses are ready to file for the divorce application without the co-operation of the other spouse. We highly recommend having a Separation Agreement in place Involving Sole divorce application, particularly in situations where the cooperation of the other spouse is uncertain. JOINT DIVORCE is usually considered when both spouses are ready to file for the divorce application with each other’s co-operation and understanding. Both spouses will sign all required documents, once the divorce documents are prepared and ready for signature. Separation Agreement in absolutely advise to have in place prior to going to court. This will eliminate many issues which can be costly to resolve in the court. We have noticed that Joint Divorce are usually finalized quicker by the courts compared to Sole Divorce. Other times the Joint Divorce application takes just as long for the courts to finalize. Please note that there are no guarantee for an exact time and date for the courts to finalize your Divorce Application. We have helped many families through difficult situations. Every situation is unique and we handle each family matter unique to their situation. In some cases, both spouses are willing to sign the joint papers, however it may be inconvenient because, for example, one of the spouses lives overseas. This does not, however, make a joint divorce impossible. It just takes a bit more coordination. Many couples want to do a joint divorce regardless of any logistical issues. Others choose to go the ‘sole/uncontested’ route simply because it is more convenient for one of the spouses to take care of all of the required paperwork. The timing and cost is the same whether you do a simple joint divorce or a simple sole/uncontested divorce where both spouses are cooperative. Kashlaw Professional Corporation has specialist Divorce Lawyer Mississauga, files Application for Divorce with the court for you.

Divorce Application Processing Time

On average, it takes 4 to 5 months from when your Application is filed with the court until the court grants your divorce order. Once the divorce order is issued, it takes effect 31 days for the divorce to be realized and certificate of divorce is available for pick up at court. Some courts are much slower than others. If you are planning to remarry, please consider this info prior to making any plans until you have your divorce order in your hands. As a result, You will avoid unnecessary Hassle and anxiety by not assuming when your divorce will actually be final.


Divorce application can be filed as long as you or your spouse are living in Ontario for at least one consecutive year at the time the divorce is filed. We handle paperwork for many different types of divorces including ‘simple’ divorces – We can also handle matters on your behalf for spousal support, child custody/access/support, division of property, etc.

Marriage Certificate

If you were married outside of Canada and in possession of your marriage certificate which is in another language different from English or French then you must obtain a certified translation into either English or French. If you do not have a marriage certificate than you must obtain your marriage certificate by applying for a replacement certificate. In the event that you are not able to get your marriage certificate than we must advise the court and they may still finalize your divorce even without the marriage certificate. If you were married in Canada, you must provide your marriage certificate.