Separation Agreement

Many of our clients have avoided angst and doubts by having Separation Agreement prior to filing for divorce. Contact us today. Our Mississauga office is conveniently located at Hurontario and Matheson.

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Separation Agreement

Separation Agreement is a legal binding contract (once signed) entered into by both parties (husband & wife) which explains and outlines various right, commitments and obligations arising from the breakdown of marriage. Separation Agreement is one way to settle many issues prior to going to court. After both spouses have separated, it is highly recommended that you have a Separation Agreement in place. Many of our clients have settled issues such as child custody and child support by way of entering into Separation Agreement and of course financial matters in addition to property division among other important matters which are in question can be negotiated and settled by both parties by signing a Separation Agreement.

Through out the process of negotiating any and all matters in Separation Agreement, each party has a duty to make full and honest disclosure of relevant information. In the event that it is founded that either party did not disclose information or was dishonest, then a risk apply where court may overturn or reject the Separation Agreement.