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If your property is sold. You will need to have your Agreement of Purchase and Sale reviewed by our lawyer as soon as possible. It is in your best interest that you are aware of all that is in your agreement. Contact us today. Our Mississauga office is conveniently located at Hurontario and Matheson.

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Congratulations on the sale of your property!

Once you have accepted the offer for the sale of your property, signed all necessary documents and and all conditions are met, Your house is then sold firm. It is important and vital to have your Agreement of Purchase & Sale reviewed by an experienced Real Estate Lawyer. It is very important to be aware of all that is in the Agreement of Purchase & Sale of your Home/Condo. As a seller, there are things that you must be aware of in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale in respect to any special conditions agreed upon between purchaser’s and sellers.

You need to contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can make sure that your deal is closed on time. You Real Estate Agent / Realtor can easily send us all the documents that we require. Please ask the documents to be either faxed to us or e-mail at Fax: 416-741-5271 Email:

Your home you own is most likely your biggest asset, and handling this important investment is a critical financial decision. To make the best possible decisions, be as informed as possible – Hire only the best Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville Ontario.


Following documents are required for a successful closing of your House/Condo:

  • Please complete the client information form click here
  • Mortgage Statement – You can e-mail or fax a copy of your recent mortgage statement
  • Property Tax – Please provide us with the current Tax Bill received from the City
  • Please also notify all utility companies that have you sold your house/condo and will be moving. Including phone, cable, internet etc. It is your responsibility to notify everyone of your moving date so that you are not charged any amount after you have moved.