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Are you seeking child support from your ex? If you are entitle to child support payments and currently not receiving any amount, Contact us today. Our Mississauga office is conveniently located at Hurontario and Matheson.

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Most of our clients have negotiated many terms and conditions of Child Support and Child Custody of their children through Separation Agreement carefully drafted by us here at Kashlaw Professional Corporation. Every situation is unique and every client’s best interest in always considered when preparing the Separation Agreement.

Every parent has a moral and a legal duty to at least financially support their children. The parent to pay child support is usually the one who is not currently living with the children as their primary residence. A parent can be the biological, birth mother or father, parent can also be adoptive parent or in some case can be a step mother or step father.

One way to determine Child Support payments is through the Child Support Guidelines unless both parents agree to different amounts. This amount can be negotiated through a Separation Agreement prepared by us here at Kashlaw Professional Corporation.

The Child Support amount agreed upon by both parents do not necessarily have to be the exact amount as indicated by the Child Support Guidelines. However, we recommend that parents should check the Child Support Guidelines prior to making any agreements.

In the event that child support payments are lower or higher in the Separation Agreement compared to Child Support Guidelines, the agreement should outlines the reason why this is, to provide the reasoning if the court is later asked to consider the amount of support, the judge can change the amount to reflect the Child Support Guidelines.

The birth parent of a child has a legal duty to financially support children. Even if that parent was never married to, lived with, or other ongoing relations with the other parent. In the event that any particular parent has denied being the biological parent of the child in question, than a court can order a blood or DNA test to confirm and find out. Should that parent refuses, a court may assume that he/or she is indeed the biological parent of the child in question.

Government of Canada – Child Support Guidelines: Click here