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There is nothing more important in the world than your children. Whether you are seeking Sole Custody or Joint Custody. Contact us today. Our Mississauga office is conveniently located at Hurontario and Matheson.

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“There is not greater warrior than a mother protecting her child”

We understand that your children are the utmost priority in your life. Nothing comes before your children. The decisions and arrangements you work for today, will ultimately impact your children’s future.

When it comes to courts with issues such as child custody, children are the priority. Courts want to hear from both parents, their plans for how they will provide the best care for their children.

Your earnings and income as well as your debt obligations. Can you provide sufficient accommodation for you children? You daily schedule. Do you work full time or part time? All of these and many more points like such play an important role when it comes to Child Custody issues.

Disagreements between parents regarding which parent should do different duties often arises. Where should the kids live? Should the kids live with the mother or father as their primary residence. Which parent should the kids spend most of their time with? Concerns and worries about either parent and their parenting ability may be in question. Will the kids attend school near to mother’s house or father’s house?

There are many issues that both parents must address. One way to address the Child Custody mentioned above among other, is to have a Separation Agreement in place. The agreement can disclose child custody, child support information when submitted to the courts. This can assist the courts to see the arrangements that both parents have agreed upon.

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